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Partnership Agreement

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Partnership Agreement

last updated August 18th, 2021

Once you register your nonprofit for a listing on Give Center, we consider you a Nonprofit Partner. The Agreement entered into by registering your nonprofit is between Give Center, LLC and your nonprofit organization, and is further described in this text. Compliance with this agreement is a formality and is required for your organization to be listed on the platform GIVE CENTER, which is a project of Give Center, LLC.


The purpose of this Agreement is to define the involved parties as well as their respective obligations, requirements, and permissions related to the business partnership effective upon registration.


This agreement shall be between Give Center, LLC (Provider) (represented by Andrew Weinrich, Owner) and your nonprofit organization (Subscriber)(represented by a specified member of your staff).

Hereinafter referred to individually as “Provider” or “Subscriber”

Hereinafter referred to collectively as “Partners”



The Provider is responsible for the design, creation, and publication of an online listing describing the Subscriber on Give Center and for promoting the Subscriber and soliciting donations on its behalf.

This responsibility will be met by providing the following services:


  1. Before and during the publication of a listing, the Provider will design and maintain1 a Nonprofit Listing with a creative and modern style, determined by the Provider, displaying the following categories of information provided by the Subscriber.
Nonprofit Listing Information
  1. Basic Including, but not limited to the Subscribers:
    • Organization Name
    • Location(s) served
    • Web Address (if any)
    • Category of Service
    • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  2. Contact/Social Including, but not limited to the Subscribers:
    • General contact email address
    • Physical mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Appropriate social media website links
  3. Operational Including, but not limited to the Subscribers:
    • Organization mission statement
    • Organization summary
    • Direction of donated/operational funds
    • Testimonials
  4. Leadership Including, but not limited to the Subscribers:
    • Notable Leadership personnel and their titles
    • Appropriate leadership personnel pictures
    • Descriptions of leadership personnel and their organizational duties
  5. Media Including, but not limited to the Subscribers:
    • Organization Logo
    • Organization cover photo/design


Beginning after the submission of the above information, the Provider will create the Subscriber’s Nonprofit Listing with consideration of input relating to the design of the web page provided by the Subscriber. The Provider agrees to present the web page and listings to the Subscriber before publication to be approved by an appropriate member of their organization, when requested.


Shortly after it’s creation, the Provider will publish the Nonprofit Listing in the appropriate and accurate locations on Give Center to be viewed by the public.


The Provider will promote and publicize the Subscriber by listing their organization on the Give Center website, as well as other social media platforms, including social media advertisements, as deemed appropriate by the Provider and with the consent and approval of the Subscriber.

Solicitation of Donations

By publication and promotion of the Subscriber, the Provider will operate a project, Give Center, with the clear goal and intent of soliciting donations on behalf of the Subscriber. The Provider will transfer all monetary contributions directed to the Subscriber through Give Center directly to the Subscriber as outlined in Fees. The Provider makes no guarantees or promises on the amount or frequency of donations received through Give Center.


The Subscriber is responsible for providing the Provider with current and accurate content relating to the basic, contact, operational, leadership, and media information as listed in the responsibilities of the Provider

Additionally, to qualify for Nonprofit Partnership with the Provider, the Subscriber must meet the following requirements and provide proof of such, as requested:

  1. Actively offer charitable services
  2. Have filed their most recent IRS form 990 as required by law
  3. Have active 501(c)(3) status

The Subscriber is responsible for providing the Provider with accurate financial and contact information as required for the transfer of money to the Provider. The following information is required for the respective methods of money transfer:

  1. Bank-to-Bank Payment – The Provider will issue a bank-to-bank payment transfer within 5 business days of a payment request to transfer all collected contributions (minus service fees as detailed in Fees) from the previous collection period to the Subscriber. The following information is required for this method:
    • Organization (or Individual) Bank Account Number
    • Organization (or Individual) Bank Routing Number
  2. Mailing of Check – If the Subscriber wishes to receive their contributions from Give Center by a physical check in the mail, the following information is required:
    • Organization Mailing Address 

By using Give Center and participating in this Partnership, the Subscriber consents to the publication of their Nonprofit Listing information, willingly provided to the Provider. The Contact and Bank information described above will not be shared with the public or any other third party. The Subscriber is responsible for providing notice in writing if the Subscriber does not consent to the publication of any specific information relating to the Subscriber’s Nonprofit Listing. 

The Subscriber grants permission to the Provider to provide standard language to be included in an emailed donation summary sent automatically to donors upon the receipt of their contribution, detailing their contribution. This language will include content that clarifies the donation was made as a charitable contribution to a charitable organization, and that the donor is not receiving any goods or services in return.

For each donation made to the Subscriber through Give Center, the Subscriber will be able to view the donation details and basic donor information. This information will be tabulated and available for viewing in the Nonprofit Dashboard.



The Provider does not collect or receive any portion of donations received on behalf of the Subscriber through any Give Center. 

The preset donation amounts will be set to default values of $10, $25, and $100. 

Donation payments are processed through Stripe and are subject to an additional service fee. Donors will have the option to cover this service fee while making their contribution. The Stripe service fee is $0.30 + 2.9% of the charge and is applicable to each donation individually. The Provider does not control or receive any portion of this service fee. 

For more information on Stripe, please see their information page at 

The Provider will continuously accept donations on behalf of the Subscriber and disperse any donations directed to the Subscriber upon request. The Subscriber may request their account funds at any time, so long as their account has a balance greater than zero dollars to deposit.


By using Give Center, both Partners agree to honor the partnership and responsibilities of each party laid out in this Agreement.

If either party wishes at any time to terminate this agreement, they agree to provide written notice at least 15 days in advance. If this agreement is terminated, the Provider will immediately cease all services offered including the acceptance of donations on behalf of the Subscriber. The Provider will forward any contributions directed to the Subscriber that are in the possession of the Provider to the Subscriber within a reasonable time frame of 30 days after written acceptance of termination is supplied by the Provider. 

By using Give Center, the Subscriber certifies that the Provider has the permission to accept donations and publish Subscriber owned proprietary materials that are provided to the Provider from the Subscriber, such as marketing materials, photos, logos, branded materials, etc. on behalf of the Subscriber.

By using Give Center, the individual or team representing the Subscriber certifies that they have the authority to enter agreements and sign on behalf of the Subscriber.

By using Give Center, the Subscriber acknowledges that the publishing of Subscriber-provided materials by the Provider does not indicate Provider endorsement of, ownership of, or affiliation with Subscriber content.

If you have any questions relating to the Nonprofit Partner Agreement, please Contact Us.