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What exactly is Give Center?

Give Center is an online directory that creates fundraising connections between people, businesses, and nonprofits. We publish nonprofit listings that allow you to discover, learn about, and give to your favorite organizations.

What can I do on Give Center?

You can discover, learn about, and give to nonprofits you love. Our listings offer a brief and encompassing glimpse of partnered nonprofits. After you discover a particular organization you can learn more about their efforts, donate to their cause, create a fundraiser, share their listing, and more!

How much of my donation goes to Give Center?

0%. Unlike some fundraising sites, Give Center doesn’t collect a penny from what you donate through Give Center.

Is it safe to donate on Give Center?

Absolutely. We process donations through Stripe, which turns credit card numbers into undecipherable strings (even when you save your card for recurring donations). Because no record of your credit card information is ever stored on our server, hackers won’t be able to get it!

I only see a couple nonprofits listed on Give Center, why is that?

Give Center is relatively new, and we are still working hard to build a reputation and to get as many nonprofit partners as we can handle. We are constantly growing, so if there is a nonprofit that you’d like to see on Give Center, let us know and we’ll try to get them onboard!

Can my company match my donation through Give Center?

Not yet, unfortunately. We are currently working on a company matching process and hope to have it up and running soon!

Is Give Center a nonprofit?

Nope, but we love nonprofits! Give Center is merely a website that helps direct people to our partner nonprofits.