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Bat Conservation International


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Bat Conservation International’s mission is to conserve the world’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet.

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About Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International (BCI) is dedicated to the enduring protection of the world’s 1,400+ species of bats and their habitats and creating a world in which bats and humans successfully coexist. Bats are vital our world's ecosystems and economy, but hundreds of species are currently under threat.

BCI is poised to facilitate some of the highest impact conservation efforts happening anywhere in the world. Our five-year strategic plan to ensure the survival of these extraordinary mammals includes
  • Implementing endangered species interventions such as aquiring and protecting caves and other important endangered species habitats that are in imminent threat.
  • Protecting and restoring landscapes such as subterranean roosts and agave nectar corridors on which bats rely for their survival.
  • Conducting high-priority research and developing scalable solutions to emerging threats such as White-nose Syndrome and wind farm fatalities.
  • Inspiring through experience so that future generations understand the importance of these animals to our health and prosperity.

Our goal is to end bat extinctions worldwide. Together we can be the difference between the survival or extinction of these remarkable animals.

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Leadership Team

Cullen Geiselman, Chair - Board of Directors
Mike Daulton - Executive Director
Kevin Pierson - Chief Conservation Officer
Mylea Bayles - Senior Director of Networking and Partnerships
Winifred Frick, Ph.D. - Chief Scientist/Conservation Science
Lee Jones, CPA - Chief Financial Officer

Bat Conservation International is a trusted Give Center partner and a verified, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization