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Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption


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Our goal is simple: to save as many dogs as possible, fix them up, and find them loving homes. Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption is proud to have saved thousands of dogs from Texas shelters over the last seven years.

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About Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption

Texas shelters kill more dogs than any other state in the U.S. It's a sad statistic, and Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption is committed to changing that. Our rescue has saved thousands of dogs from animal control facilities and shelters in The Lone Star state. By donating to Lucky Lab and supporting our efforts, you're helping our nonprofit rescue make Texas a better place for animals. Our rescue is foster-based; if you'd like to foster, please head to and fill out an application.

Lucky Lab Takes on Tough Medical Cases

Lucky Lab takes on tough medical cases. When our nonprofit rescue sees a dog that's limping, whimpering, bleeding, or suffering in a shelter, we don't look away in horror; we see potential. We know that with an amazing foster, medical care, and love, that discarded dog will blossom into a diamond. Our nonprofit rescue saves injured and sick dogs that would be killed if we didn't intervene. We spend tens of thousands of dollars on veterinary care and thankfully have generous donors who help us pay the bills.

Lucky Lab is All Volunteer

There's no one collecting a big fat paycheck at Lucky Lab. The heads of the rescue, managers, and fosters are volunteers. All our money, time, and efforts go... to the dogs!

Really? Labs Are Killed in Shelters?! Aren't They Like the Most Popular Breed of Dog?

You can't believe how many Labs and Lab mixes end up in shelters and are at risk of being euthanized. Some people have trouble believing this! Sure, they're one of America's favorite breeds, but when people adopt a puppy, and the dog starts to display that “Lab energy," chews up someone's shoes, digs up their yard, or takes up too much time, the dog sometimes gets dumped at a shelter. Some perfectly great dogs end up at the pound because their family moved, had a baby, got divorced, or someone lost their job.

Lucky Lab Saves Dogs of All Ages, Sizes, and Types

The most popular color of Labs are yellow, and chocolate, sadly black Labs and Lab mixes are sometimes overlooked. Lucky Lab doesn't discriminate. We take all shapes, sizes, and colors. We aren't a snooty Lab rescue who will only take purebred dogs; we welcome dog diversity. You never know who got over the fence in some cases, but we don't ask for DNA tests or pedigrees.

Some of the dogs we save have never lived in a home, have never known a soft bed, and have never known love. We've saved dogs who have spent their lives on a chain, in basements, or outside in the cold. But all that changes the day a dog becomes a Lucky Lab!

Gift Options

Dog Spay or Neuter

For just $100, you can help spay or neuter a dog Lucky Lab saves. That means no more unwanted litters due to male dogs out looking for love in all the wrong places!

Heartworm Treatment

Some rescues won't save dogs from shelters if they're heartworm positive. Lucky Lab NEVER turns a dog down because they need heartworm treatment. If the dog is not treated, they will eventually die a horrible death. Lucky Lab treats each heartworm positive dog before they're adopted.

Vaccinations and Microchip

For $100, you can help Lucky Lab vaccinate and microchip a dog. Our rescue also boosters vaccinations for full effectiveness. Vaccinating dogs is critical to prevent them from contracting fatal viruses like Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, and Leptospirosis.


Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption currently has no active fundraisers.


Katherine Martin


Katherine Martin and her mother co-founded Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption in 2009. Since then, the nonprofit organization has saved thousands of dogs from shelters across the country. When the rescue heard about the thousands of dogs killed in Texas shelters, they opened a branch in the Lone Star State in 2014 and have been saving dogs ever since!
Lucky Lab relies on fosters to save dogs. If you're interested in fostering, please apply at

Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption is a trusted Give Center partner and a verified, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization